Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
EMP Grenade
Pulsar Type E Electromag Grenade
Category: Explosive
Use: Permanently disable robots and security devices. Temporarily impede augmented opponents.
Warning!: The EMP shielding augmentation upgrade completely negates the effect of EMP grenades.
Upgrades: The Pulsar Type E cannot be upgraded, but can be turned into a highly effective 'EMP mine1 when combined with the Mark 87 Tactical Munition Mine Template.
Manufacturer: Steiner-Bisley GmbH
Installation: Base Installation
A hand-thrown device, the Pulsar Type E Electomag Grenade is a specialized antisystems grenade, capable of generating a localized electromagnetic field pulse that renders nearby electronic circuitry inoperative. While it has no effect against organic targets, the grenade is extremely useful in disabling robots, augmented humans, security cameras, and automated defensive turrets.
• Detroit (Abandoned Factory) - Purchased from MCB Gang Leader