Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Automatic Unlocking Device
Keybreaker Security Countermeasure
Category: Miscellaneous
*** Pre-order exclusive ***
Use: Automatic hacking device. Select like a grenade and throw on a terminal to unlock it.
For: Keypads, computers, security hubs, alarm panels and dedicated security terminals.
Installation: Unlockable DLC
Using modified microwave pulse technology, the Keybreaker Security Countermeasure unit can neutralize 98% of conventional electronic and digital locking systems. This one-shot device fires a directed high-energy burst into the circuitry of the security unit, overloading it and forcing an immediate disengage; once activated, the discharge consumes the Keybreaker's internal capacitor and renders the device useless.
• Detroit (City Streets) - Purchased from Grayson
• Detroit (Chiron Building) - Found in Adam's "secret stash"
• Detroit (Police Station) - Found on desk in Jenny Alexander's office
• Detroit (Abandoned Factory) - Found of floor of cargo transport container behind MCB Gang Leader
• Montreal (Online News Division) - Found on cart
• Montreal (Restricted Area) - Found in locker
• Lower Hengsha (Harvesters' Hideout) - Found on cement block
• Lower Hengsha (Harvesters' Hideout) - Found on shelf
• Lower Hengsha (Harvesters' Hideout) - Found on desk
• Lower Hengsha (Old Noodle Factory) - Found on table
• Lower Hengsha (Old Noodle Factory) - Found on desk