Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Ammo Capacity Upgrade
Extended Magazine Upgrade Modification for Weapons
Category: Weapon Upgrade
Use: Adds a few bullets to the weapon's magazine.
Manufacturer: Kaiga Ltd.
Installation: Base Installation
The Extended Magazine Upgrade replaces a weapon's existing ammunition magazine with a larger, greater capacity version.
• Detroit (Sarif Industries) - Found on ground in helipad storage room
• Detroit (Old Textile District) - Found on ground in hidden area beneath the cement in northeast corner
• Detroit (City Streets) - Given to you Jenny Alexander after completing the first few objectives in the Cloak & Daggers quest
• Detroit (Abandoned Factory) - Found on bookshelf
• Lower Hengsha (City Streets) - Found on boxes behind fence on low rent housing roof
• Tai Yong Medical (Augmentations Storage Area) - Found in locker across second catwalk placement
• Montreal (Online News Division) - Found on ground in the fenced-in area on rooftop
• Detroit (City Streets) - Purchased from Grayson on your second visit to Detroit
• Detroit (Purity First Hideout) - Found on ground past punched-through wall
• Lower Hengsha (Harvesters' Hideout) - Found in safe
• Lower Hengsha (Hengsha Seaport) - Purchased from Lu Pin Rong
• Omega Ranch (Main Facility) - Found on shelf