Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
P.E.P.S. Energy Pack
SmantCell Pulsed Energy Charge Pack
Category: Ammunition
Manufacturer: Bobson Synthetics Group
Installation: Base Installation
A military specification, double-vial binary magazine containing a fluid matrix and liquid nitrogen cooling chamber, and manufactured exclusively for use as ammunition in the Connaught Technologies Pulsed Energy Projection System (P.EP.S).
• Detroit (Police Station) - Found on shelf in secure storage room
• Detroit (Abandoned Factory) - Found on crate in room where you fight Barrett
• Lower Hengsha (Alice Garden Pods) - Purchased from Peng Xin Hao
• Tai Yong Medical (Assembly Lines) - Found in locker
• Tai Yong Medical (Laboratories) - Found in locker
• Montreal (Online News Division) - Found on shelf in armory