Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Laser Rifle Battery
Lithium Ion Nanowine Anode (LINA) Cell
Category: Ammunition
Manufacturer: Bobson Synthetics Group
Installation: Base Installation
An energy-dense battery pack that utilizes silicon nanowire anode technology and is capable of storing over ten times the power of a conventional cell; it is optimized for deployment by the LS-66 Laser Rifle.
• Lower Hengsha (Harvesters' Hideout) - Found in safe
• Panchaea (Ring Section) - Found in locker
• Panchaea (Hyron Core) - Found on shelf in Storage A
• Panchaea (Hyron Core) - Found on shelf in Storage B
• Panchaea (Hyron Core) - Found on dead body in Storage B