Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Hacker Brain Chip
TYM CoreTech Model 76-F Neural Hub [MODIFIED]
Category: Quest Item
Installation: Base Installation
The Neural Hub is the core processing unit for all post-human augmentation technologies. It is the gateway through which all augmentations are connected, via deep-brain neural command fibers, allowing the user to interface directly with their enhancements and operate them seamlessly. All augmentation users must possess a neural hub in order to function.

This unit was implanted in a Purity First terrorist who attacked the Sarif Industries plant in Milwaukee Junction. It has been illegally modified with an additional solid-state protein chain data storage module, known as a Wetdrive.

After-market modification of Neural Hub hardware is strictly prohibited under the World Health Organization's Global Directives for Implanted Technology and Medicine.

Alteration of these systems can result in infection by data virus, system crashes, and the inducement of Cybernetic Discognition Disorder (CDD) also known as Cyberpsychosis.
• Detroit (Police Department) - Found on Purity First hacker in morgue