Dungeons & Dragons Online Equipment Database: Item Details
+5 Green Steel Heavy Mace
Bound to Character
Minimum Level: 12
Weapon Type: Heavy Mace
Equips To: Main Hand, Off Hand
Proficiency: Simple Weapon Proficiency
Damage: 1d10 + 5 Bludgeon, Evil, Magic
Critical Roll: 20 / x2
Attack Mod: STR
Damage Mod: STR
Durability: 110 / Steel [Hardness: 15]
Base Value: 54012 gp
Weight: 8 lbs
Obtained: Crafted at the Altar of Fecundity in The Eldritch Chamber
A simple weapon comprised of a solid blunt head attached to a haft.
+5 Enhancement Bonus: This item has been magically enhanced. Armor gains a +5 enhancement bonus to AC. Weapons gain a +5 enhancement bonus to attack and damage.
Green Steel: This planar alloy has a greasy green-colored sheen and is favored by the Baatezu of Shavarath. Green steel weapons leave horrible wounds, increasing the damage die type of the weapon, and are treated as evil-aligned for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction.