Dungeons & Dragons Online Equipment Database: Item Details
Gnashtooth Piecemail Chain
Bound to Character
Minimum Level: 2
Race Absolutely Excluded: Warforged
Equips To: Chest
Proficiency: Light Armor Proficiency
Armor Bonus: 5
Max Dex Bonus: 4
Armor Check Penalty: -1
Spell Failure: 20%
Durability: 52 / Steel [Hardness: 11]
Base Value: 1100 gp
Weight: 25 lbs
Obtained: Potential reward at completion of Waterworks adventure line
This chainmail shirt is pieced together from several suits of chain. One of those suits happened to be magical and protected its kobold owner from the harsh acidic sewer water.
+1 Enhancement Bonus: This item has been magically enhanced. Armor gains a +1 enhancement bonus to AC. Weapons gain a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage.
Lesser Acid Resistance: This property absorbs the first 3 points of acid damage per attack that the wearer would normally take.