Dungeons & Dragons Online Equipment Database: Item Details
Face of the Demon
Minimum Level: 7
Equips To: Head
Durability: 60 / Steel [Hardness: 13]
Base Value: 9200 gp
Weight: 0.10 lbs
Obtained: Possible chest loot during The Tear of Dhakaan adventure
This skull-faced helmet covers the entire face and head, focusing the wearer's vision on but a single target.
Fortitude Save +2: This item gives a +2 resistance bonus to your Fortitude saving throws.
Intimidate +5: Provides a +5 competence bonus to the wearer's Intimidate skill.
Spot -5: Gives a -5 penalty to the wearer's Spot skill.
Listen -5: Gives a -5 penalty to the wearer's Listen skill.