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Epic Bracers of the Hunter

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Bound to Character
Minimum Level: 20
Equips To: Wrists
Durability: 90 / Steel [Hardness: 18]
Base Value: 64200 gp
Weight: 0.10 lbs
Obtained: Crafted at the Altar of Epic Rituals in The Twelve with the base item, a Shard of the Bracers of the Hunter, a Seal of the Bracers of the Hunter, and a Scroll of the Bracers of the Hunter
Powerful shamans and clerics of Vulkoor work together to create these scorpion-shell bracers to honor a clan's favored hunters. Although rare even among the drow tribes, a few pairs of these bracers have made their way into the hands of explorers, often through deadly combat with the chosen of Vulkoor.
Hide +11: Provides a +11 competence bonus to the wearer's Hide skill.
Sneak Attack Bonus +4: Provides a +4 bonus to-hit and +6 damage for any attack that would qualify as a Sneak Attack, even if the wielder is not a rogue.
Empty Yellow Augment Slot: This item can be upgraded with a Yellow or Colorless Augment Crystal. See The Twelve for more information.