Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Tevinter Mage Robes
Category: Armor
Type: Chest (Mage)
Material: Clothing
Installation: Base Installation
+1 Mana Regeneration in Combat
+4% Spell Resistance
+5 Spellpower
The robes of the Tevinter mages are often enchanted to increase the wearer's magical prowess. This robe is particularly elaborate, and must have belonged to a prominent mage at some point.
• Dalish Camp - Equipped by Merrill when she joins you during Dalish Elf origin story
• Denerim Market District (Wonders of Thedas) - Purchased from Tranquil Proprietor
• Vigil's Keep (Keep Interior) - Equipped by Anders when you recruit him
• City of Amaranthine - Purchased from Octham the Grocer