Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Iced Band
Category: Armor
Type: Ring
Installation: Base Installation
+10% Cold Resistance
The black surface of this ring always looks frosted over, yet the wearer feels no discomfort.
• Circle Tower (Basement) - Found in chest during Magi origin story (twice)
• Denerim (Deserted Building) - Found in chest
• Ruined Temple - Found in chest within locked southeast chamber
• Soldier's Peak - Purchased from Levi Dryden after you've dealt with the keep's inhabitants
• Vigil's Keep (Exterior) - Starting equipment for a new mage character
• The Blackmarsh - Equipped by Justice when you recruit him
• Knotwood Hills - Equipped by Sigrun when you recruit her
• Deep in the Wilds - Starting equipment for a new mage character during Witch Hunt DLC