Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Dumat's Claw
Category: Weapon
Type: Dagger
Material: Dragonbone (Tier 7)
Rune Slots: 3
Damage: 6.40
Critical Chance: 4.80%
Armor Penetration: 8.00
Strength Modifier: 0.85
Installation: Awakening
+9 Defense
+2 Damage
+2 Attack
Requires: 30 Dexterity
Part of the Dumat's Vengeance item set.
A Grey Warden weaponsmith created this dagger and its sister sword shortly after the first Blight. Whether the blades were actually crafted from the bones of the archdemon is still in contention.

When equipped with the sword Dumat's Spine, the character is immune to flanking.
• Random Encounter (Pirate Infested Shore) - Found on pirate leader's corpse