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Dragon Age II Equipment Database: Item Details
Apostate's Courage
Category: Weapon
Type: Staff
Subtype: Staff
Rune Slots: 1
Damage: 22 (Cold)
Installation: Unlockable DLC
+13% Cold Damage
+422 Cold Resistance
Restriction: Mage
Among the magi, some still whisper of Caleth the Renegade. Seeking freedom from beneath the templars' heel, he fled the Chantry with a cabal of his most loyal acolytes. They reached the mountains before the winter squalls and lived there as free men for one glorious season. The spring thaws brought a vast mercenary army, however, paid for and led by the Templar Order. Wanting to avoid bloodshed, Caleth and his acolytes surrendered peaceably and allowed themselves to be made Tranquil.
• Lowtown (Gamlen's House) or Hightown (Hawke Estate) - Found in Special Deliveries chest if you unlocked the item with your Signature Edition code