Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Belt of Minor Invulnerability (EE) Code: ohrbelt2
Category: Armor (Belt) Value: 2500
Lore Req to ID: 25 Weight: 2

Charged Abilities:
  • Minor Globe of Invulnerability (once per day)
     - Special: User is immune to 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-level spells
     - Duration: 2 turns

Equipped Abilities:
  • Each time the wearer is hit, there is a 5% chance of him receiving a temporary Minor Globe of Invulnerability that lasts for 2 turns

How Obtained:
  • Abandoned Amphitheater - Loot from Cless Ironeye

When worn, this belt causes nervousness, shaking, and profuse sweating. The effect is temporary and fades after the belt is removed. The belt's origins have long been lost to time -- one can only surmise that it was intended as some sort of cruel joke.