Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Collar Bell (EE) Code: ohncoll
Category: Miscellaneous (Magic Item) Value: 2000
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 1

Charged Abilities:
  • Three times a day, the bell can wake everyone from sleep in 15-ft. radius. Anyone who fails a Saving Throw vs. Spell becomes deaf for 1 turn.

How Obtained:
  • Hidden Refuge - Reward from Barad Ding for completing his quest

The wild mage Barad Ding was fond of cats, surrounding himself with the yowling beasts. Feral and undomesticated, his pets would often wander off, disappearing for days and filling Barad with concern. After weeks of worry, he decided to affix leather collars with tiny, magical bells on his companions. Whenever Barad would utter the command word, all bells in a certain radius ring melodically, revealing their locations.

While enchanting the bells, Barad's magic was sometimes warped by wild surges, some harmless, some less so. The surge that erupted when he crafted this particular bell amplified Barad's magic to the extreme -- instead of a soft tinkling, it emits a deafening burst of sound, capable of instantly waking anyone even from their deepest slumber.