Baldur's Gate Equipment Database: Search Results
Vexation +2 (SOD)
Category: Weapon (Short Sword) Value: 6000
Lore Req to ID: 50 Weight: 2

One-Handed Weapon
THAC0: +2
Damage: 1d6+2
Damage Type: Piercing
Speed Factor: 1
Proficiency: Short Sword

Requires: 4 Strength

Combat Abilities:
  • Inflicts 2 points of bleeding damage per hit (one point per round)
  • Drains 2 points of Strength from the target and transfers them to the wielder for 5 rounds when a successful backstab is performed (non-cumulative)

How Obtained:
  • Coalition Camp - Loot from Shadowy Figure encounter when leaving camp (SOD)

This blade appears smooth and whole at first glance, but on closer examination, its surface is made of thousands of tiny overlapping scales. When the sword is used to stab a target unawares, scales break off and lodge in the wound, irritating the victim and draining their strength.