Baldur's Gate Equipment Database: Search Results
Ring of Danger Sense (SOD)
Category: Jewelry (Ring) Value: 3000
Lore Req to ID: 55 Weight: 0

Equipped Abilities:
  • Find Traps: +25%

How Obtained:
  • Coalition Camp - Sold by Waizahb (SOD)

Nizzuf's Maze was a grand hedge maze created by the archmage Nizzuf for his amusement. The maze boasted hundreds of magical traps, most of them extremely lethal. Nizzuf posted a reward big enough to buy a kingdom to the man or woman brave enough to enter the maze and reach its core. Thousands tried and died. But one, Oteg Verm, completed the maze, thanks mainly to this ring which let him "see" where the traps were hidden.