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Boots of Speed: The Paws of the Cheetah
Category: Armor (Boots) Value: 2300
Lore Req to ID: 30 Weight: 4

Equipped Abilities:
  • Doubles movement rate

How Obtained:
  • Cloakwood Mines (Outside) - Loot from Drasus
  • Boareskyr Bridge (Bridgefort) - Crafted by Hoach (SOD)

These boots are made from the tanned hide of an animal such as a horse or a cheetah. They are then enchanted to enable the wearer to move nearly as fast as that animal. Footgear of this sort is prized for allowing one to outmaneuver or even escape one's foes. The boots do not fatigue the wearer beyond what would result from moving at a normal rate.