Baldur's Gate Equipment Database: Search Results
Aule's Staff +3 (TOSC)
Category: Weapon (Quarterstaff) Value: 5500
Lore Req to ID: 55 Weight: 3

Two-Handed Weapon
THAC0: +3
Damage: 1d6+3
Damage Type: Crushing
Speed Factor: 1
Proficiency: Quarterstaff

Requires: 5 Strength

How Obtained:
  • Ulgoth's Beard (Ulgoth's Beard Inn) - Sold by bartender (TOSC)

This finely crafted staff was among the spoils taken from the invaders of Durlag's Tower. It is very deadly in combat, and was apparently the property of a spellcaster that enjoyed standing on the front lines. It appears to have a core of iron, yet it is comparable in weight to a normal weapon of its type. Part of the enchantment seems to come from the hide that strengthens the grip: Leather no doubt made from a battle-ready creature of some sort. With the tastes and inclinations of the attackers of the tower well documented, the hide could be almost anything... or anyone.