Alpha Protocol Perks Database: Search Results

Effect: XP +250

You earned the antipathy of 3 people.

Behind the Lies

Effect: XP +250

You uncovered the truth of the Triad defectors.

Breaking and Entering

Effect: XP +100

You successfully picked 10 locks.

Circuit Breaker

Effect: XP +100

You successfully bypassed 20 electronic devices.

Data Theft

Effect: XP +100

You successfully hacked 10 computer systems.

Perfect Pitch

Effect: XP +100

You have thrown 50 gadgets with careful aim.


Effect: XP +250

You replied to 5 emails across your career.

Transmission's Breaking Up

Effect: XP +100

You have hung up on (or tried to hang up on) people twice. You're either busy, or kind of a jerk.

Veteran Attitude

Effect: XP +500

You've saved the world once, you'll do it again, and anyone who questions you can go fuck themselves. You've selected the Veteran stance in conversations 10 times.

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