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Constant Encouragement
Effect: Endurance +5

Mina's presence on your earpiece drives you forward - giving you an extra dose of willpower to shrug off pain and distraction.

Constant Encouragement II
Effect: Endurance +15

With Mina's reassuring presence on your earpiece, you feel like you could walk through a hail of bullets.

Difficult Break-Up
Effect: Endurance +5

Your uncanny ability to annoy and enrage Madison Saint James culminated in her physically attacking you.

Due Process
Effect: Endurance Recharge Rate +20%

Eschewing bribes and pragmatism, you opted to arrest Nasri. Your conviction to act within the law has strengthened your resolve.

Exclusive Interview
Effect: Endurance +5

Scarlet Lake granted you a behind-closed-doors interview.

Effect: Endurance +5

You completed two successful operations without the backing of the agency. Congratulations are in order.

Effect: Endurance Recharge Rate +20%

When given the chance to reciprocate Madison's affections, you politely turned her down.

Hand of Al-Samad
Effect: Endurance Recharge Rate +20%

Once your target, now your ally, you have made peace with Shaheed and his organization.

Effect: Endurance +5

Apparently the lying aspect of espionage isn't your thing - you were Honest 10 times in conversations across your career.

Limited Bloodshed
Effect: Endurance +10

You subdued 50 opponents with non-lethal (though certainly violent and entirely painful) methods.

Effect: Endurance +25

Proving yourself reluctant to take a human life, you subdued 250 enemies with non-lethal means.

No One Left Behind
Effect: Endurance Recharge Rate +20%

You rescued your ally from Brayko's mansion.

No Time For Love
Effect: Endurance Recharge Rate +20%, Endurance +20

The promise of romance failed to distract you from your mission. You avoided any and all entangling affairs in Alpha Protocol.

Office Romance
Effect: Endurance +5

You turned your working relationship with Mina Tang into romance.

Effect: Endurance +5

You have tried the professional approach in your first few conversations.

Ready For Anything
Effect: Endurance +25

You have purchased the overwhelming majority of Intel available in your career.

Real Men Don't Hide
Effect: Endurance +5

You completed 15 missions wherein you have raised an alarm and lived to tell about it. Unabated violence is a perfectly acceptable alternative to stealth.

Effect: Endurance +5

You turned your friendship with Madison Saint James into something much more.

Effect: Endurance +5

You completed your first operation as a lone agent. You're starting to make a name for yourself.

Tough of Nails
Effect: Endurance +5

You have sustained 1000 points of damage across your career without dying.

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