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Agent of Change
Effect: AP +5

In a remarkable act of manipulation, you managed to sway Conrad Marburg's sense of duty.

Desert Spear
Effect: AP +2

Operation Desert Spear is a success: you eliminated Sheik Shaheed as ordered.

Email Enhancement
Effect: AP +2

Just because you're saving the world doesn't mean you can't find time to write. You replied to 10 emails across your career.

Effect: AP +2

While you may not have a lot of field experience, at least you aren't ashamed to admit it - you have used the Recruit stance 3 times.

Intelligence Analyst
Effect: AP +1

Always keeping tabs on the opposition, you have completed your 10th dossier.

Ladies' Man
Effect: AP +5

The ladies cannot resist you, nor can you resist the need to romance them. You have seduced all the ladies of Alpha Protocol, well done.

Effect: AP +1

You have completed your 5th dossier.

Psychological Warfare
Effect: AP +2

Leaving no fact unearthed, you have completed your 15th dossier.

Rookie Move
Effect: AP +8

Rather than fake it, you chose the Recruit stance 10 times and let your rookie charm work its mojo.

Testing the Waters
Effect: AP +1

To keep your target guessing, you've attempted being Suave, Professional, and Aggressive all in the same conversation.

Variable Approach
Effect: AP +2

In 15 different conversations, you've varied up your approach instead of sticking to one attitude or posture.

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