Alpha Protocol Equipment Database: Item Details
Rittergruppen Razor
Category: Weapon
Type: Pistol
Value: $132,000
Damage: 21
Accuracy: 25
Recoil: 29
Stability: 33
Ammunition: 10
Quick Summary: Extremely accurate at the expense of a small clip and poor recoil control.
Versatile and precise, the pistol is an accurate weapon at virtually any range, even when on the move. The pistol is capable of accepting a silencer attachment - making it invaluable for stealthy approaches.
Rittergruppen GmbH broke into the firearms business with target shooting pistols and rifles. In recent years, they've taken their "shoot once, shoot true" philosophy to a larger line of small firearms. A Rittergruppen weapon is compact - its clip size stunted, its weight insufficient to counter its own recoil, but its steady grip and accurate firing action is without peer.
• Moscow (Clearinghouse) - Purchased from G22