Alpha Protocol Equipment Database: Item Details
Hamilton .45 Pistol
Category: Weapon
Type: Pistol
Value: $1,800 (Sell Only)
Damage: 20
Accuracy: 20
Recoil: 30
Stability: 30
Ammunition: 12
Quick Summary: Standard-issue pistol with balanced traits.
Versatile and precise, the pistol is an accurate weapon at virtually any range, even when on the move. The pistol is capable of accepting a silencer attachment - making it invaluable for stealthy approaches.
Hamilton is a premiere supplier of man-portable weaponry. Based in the United States, Hamilton's list of clients includes seven NATO countries, and over a dozen private military companies. True to their "No Compromise" motto, Hamilton weapons are built for stopping power, accuracy, ease of use, and ammo capacity - no facet of a weapon is sacrificed. Hamilton's sidearms and rifles set the benchmark for solid engineering.
• Saudi Arabia - Available in your locker at the beginning of the game