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Whispering Flask
Category: Miscellaneous (Consumable) Value: 45
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 1

Requires: Githzerai

  • Invokes "Aid"
  • Strength: +2

How Obtained:
  • The Hive Southeast (Smoldering Corpse Bar) - Part of Dak'kon's starting equipment
  • Lower Ward (Pawn Shop) - Purchased from Brokah
  • UnderSigil - Found in bookshelf
  • Outer Curst - Found in junk pile
  • Outer Curst (Traitor's Gate Tavern) - Purchased from Tainted Barse
  • Curst Underground - Found by searching Voorsha's goods

This container holds a peculiar powder called "Whispering Motes" (loose translation of the gith expression), a form of healing powder commonly used by the githzerai on the Plane of Limbo. When the stopper is pulled and the spice touched on the skin of a wounded person, the spice travels through the injured person's body, generating raw matter to fill up the "holes" in his physical form, no matter how small or large. In order for the spice to work, the user must concentrate on its healing effects... with the proper discipline, a practiced githzerai can even heal the greatest of wounds. In addition to its curative properties, it is also the element in several of their rites of passage... it is believed that the spice also fills in the "holes" in a person's psyche, removing doubts and giving them focus and purpose.