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Dustman Embalming Charm, Lesser
Category: Miscellaneous (Consumable) Value: 200
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 0

Requires: TNO, Morte

  • Invokes "Embalming, Minor"
  • 3 Charges

This strange metal bracelet has directions inscribed on the side of it. Judging from the crude text, it appears that the bracelet works by being held by a living creature, then while pronouncing a mantra to the 'True Death,' it is touched to the forehead of a zombie or skeleton. When this is done, the minor enchantment held within the item spreads through the corpse, strengthening their bones, killing traces of corpse rot and/or grave mold, and helping to seal minor tears in the skin.

NOTE: This item will work on either you or Morte. Simply place it in your quick item slot, then use it from the quick menu on Morte (or have Morte use it on you) in order for it to take effect. When cast, the target gains +2-8 temporary hit points and a temporary bonus of +1 AC for a "half-hour." The extra hit points will heal the target if he is less than max hit points or they will give him bonus hit points for a half-hour.