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Charm of Infinite Recall
Category: Miscellaneous (Consumable) Value: 100
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 0

  • Sets Lore Skill to 100

While practicing, some Mage students discovered a means to condense and store knowledge into a charm form. This particular charm contains the entire resource library of the famed Charon School of Mages. Unfortunately, the effects of this charm are fleeting and the user is rendered unintelligible for a short period of time.

NOTE: This charm can be used to "identify" unknown items. It can *only* be used on the quick item menu on the world screen. After the charm is used, the user must then enter their inventory screen and right-click (i.e., "examine") each item they want to identify. The charm will only allow the user to identify objects that are in his possession -- items in other character's inventories cannot be identified this way. The effects of this charm are temporary and must be used quickly.