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Aegis of Torment
Category: Accessory (Ring) Value: 25000
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 0

  • Armor Class: +3
  • Base Hit Points: +15
  • Constitution: +3

How Obtained:
  • Curst Gone - Loot from "Fiend From Moridor's Box" if you had Aola release it
  • Clerk's Ward (UnderSigil) - Random loot from Greater Glabrezu after you've returned from Carceri

Rows and rows of minute skulls line the outer edge of this ring. It is crowned by an over-sized skull with fire-red gems that serves as its eyes. This ring is the physical manifestation of the suffering of the tormented slaves of Dahnthur. It was their ultimate wish to gain protection from their oppressors, and with this magical ring, their wish was finally realized. Even with the fiery red gems, a royal purple hue continually emanates outward.