Star Wars: KotOR II Equipment Database: Item Details
  Droid Ion Blast Mark I
Template: d_device_12
Tag: d_device_12
Type: Droid (Droid Weapon)
Value: 1975
Feat(s) Required: Droid Upgrade Class 1
Special Properties
Damage: Ion, 15 points
Range: Short
On Hit: Stun, 100% for 12 seconds
Save: DC 10 to ignore stun
Uses: 10/10
Charges: Using this item consumes one charge. This item is automatically discarded after all available charges are consumed. Items that have charges do not stack in inventory.
The "Scrambler" was developed by Aratech and marketed towards customers who were faced with massive droid armies. Sending a pulse of highly-charged ions, this weapon destroys the electronics of enemy droids.
• This item is either very common or randomly placed throughout the game.