Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Baragwin Disruptor-X Weapon
Template: g1_w_dsrptrfl001
Tag: g1_w_dsrptrfl001
Type: Weapon (Blaster Rifle)
Value: 16000
Feat(s) Required: Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle
Special Properties
Upgradeable, Ranged
Damage: Physical, 2-12
Range: 28 meters
Critical Threat Range: 20-20, x2
Attack Modifier: +1
Requires PC version or Xbox Live update.
Using the same 'shaped-energy' concept as in his Ion-X Weapon, Suvam Tan has modified a Baragwin disruptor weapon as well, giving comparable levels of concussive force to the blast that the Ion-X Weapon delivers. Upgrades to this weapon could potentially greatly increase both the impact force and the penetration of its charges.
• Yavin Space Station - Purchased from Suvam Tan after finding the last Star Map