Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Nerve Amplifier Belt
Template: g_i_belt005
Tag: g_i_belt005
Type: Armor (Belt)
Value: 1000
Special Properties
Immunity: Mind-Affecting
This belt monitors the brain, emitting energy waves to reinforce established patterns and block any outside influence. It's extremely effective, if mildly uncomfortable.
• Tatooine (Docking Bay) - Purchased from Mic'Tunan'Jus Orgu
• Tatooine (Eastern Dune Sea) - Found on corpse in Krayt Dragon lair
• Manaan (Sea Floor) - Found in footlocker
• Kashyyyk (Lower Shadowlands) - Found on Mandalorian Commander
• Unknown World (Temple of the Ancients Main Floor) - Found on Sith Master
• Star Forge (Deck 1) - Found on Dark Jedi