Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Advanced Targeting Computer
Template: g_i_drdtrgcom002
Tag: g_i_drdtrgcom002
Type: Droid (Droid Upgrade)
Value: 1500
Feat(s) Required: Droid Upgrade Class 2
Special Properties
Bonus Feat(s): Weapon Focus: Blaster Pistol, Weapon Focus: Blaster Rifle
Meant for droids that see regular combat, this targeting unit improves on the basic model and greatly increases battlefield performance.
• Tatooine (Anchorhead Droid Shop) - Purchased from Yuka Laka
• Tatooine (Sand People Enclave) - Found in refuse pile
• Manaan (Ahto East) - Purchased from Yortal Ixlis