Fallout Equipment Database: Item Details
Game: Fallout Tactics
Category: Weapon
Type: Small Guns
Weight: 9
Damage: 8-16
Minimum Strength: 4
Ammo: 9mm (25)
Attack Mode 1: Single
Attack Mode 1 Range: 20
Attack Mode 1 AP: 4
Attack Mode 2: Burst
Attack Mode 2 Range: 16
Attack Mode 2 AP: 5
UZI 9mm. A classic amongst drug runners and elderly folk during the early stages of the 21st century, the UZI is cheap, light and jams only occasionally.
• Brahmin Wood - Found on multiple raiders
• Quincy - Found on multiple beastlords
• Mardin - Found on multiple beastlords
• Springfield - Found on multiple raiders