Fallout Equipment Database: Item Details
M72 Gauss Rifle  
Game: Fallout Tactics
Category: Weapon
Type: Small Guns
Weight: 9
Damage: 60-80
Minimum Strength: 6
Ammo: 2mm EC (20)
Attack Mode 1: Single
Attack Mode 1 Range: 50
Attack Mode 1 AP: 5
Attack Mode 2: None
Attack Mode 2 Range: N/A
Attack Mode 2 AP: N/A
The M72 rifle is of German design. It uses an electromagnetic field to propel 2mm steel rounds at tremendous speed... and pierce almost any obstacle. Its range, accuracy and stopping power is almost unparalleled.
• Bunkers - For sale after Buena Vista
• Cheyenne Mountain - Found on multiple robots
• Vault 0 - Found on robot