Fallout 3 Equipment Database: Item Details
U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes  
Category: Miscellaneous
Type: Book
Item ID: 00034048
Weight: 2
Value: 50
Special: This skill book increases your Big Guns skill by +1.
• Anchorage Memorial (Memorial Service Entrance) - Found behind northeast tunnel door (must repair or use Door Component)
• Arlington Cemetery North (Arlington Utility) - Found on shelf
• Arlington Cemetery South (Arlington/Falls Church Metro) - Found on chair inside large storage container
• Bethesda Ruins (Bethesda Offices East) - Found on raider's corpse
• Corvega Factory - Found on table inside tipped-over truck to the south
• Dupont Northeast (Sunken Circle) - Found on safe in northeast part of map
• Evergreen Mills (Southern Shack) - Found on shelf
• Falls Church / Mason District Metro (Franklin Metro Utility) - Found on shelf
• Farragut West Metro Station (Farragut West Station) - Found in locked storage room
• Five Axles Rest Stop - Found in truck
• Georgetown East (La Maison Beauregard) - Found on floor
• Grisly Diner - Found on the floor of the front half of a bus to the north
• Jury Street Metro Station - Found next to bed inside truck to the southwest
• L'Enfant Plaza - Found on shelf in Super Mutant camp on northeast area of map
• Little Lamplight (Murder Pass) - Found on table
• National Guard Depot (Armory) - Found in bunker
• Nuka-Cola Plant (Factory Floor) - Found in filing cabinet in ceiling
• Reclining Groves Resort Homes - Found with seven tin cans at the base of a tree to the northeast
• Red Racer Factory - Found at the base of the bed in the raider camp to the east
• Red Racer Factory - Found on generator in northeast corner of car dealership to the northwest
• Scrapyard - Found in John's Treasure Box inside northwest bus
• Takoma Industrial (Auto Shop) - Found on desk
• The Capitol Building (West Entrance) - Found on table in rotunda
• VAPL-58 Power Station - Found on ground next to grill (use ladder inside substation)
• Wheaton Armory - Found in locked armory