Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Wyvern's Tail +2 Code: BLUN17
Category: Weapon (Morning Star) Value: 3500
Lore Req to ID: 40 Weight: 9

One-Handed Weapon
THAC0: +2
Damage: 2d4+2
Damage Type: Crushing
Speed Factor: 5
Proficiency: Flail/Morning Star

Requires: 11 Strength

Combat Abilities:
  • Hit target must save vs. Poison or take 5 Hit Points of poison damage

How Obtained:
  • Temple District Sewers - Loot from Draug Fea

The large spike at the head of this morning star is actually the lethal stinger of a wyvern. The fighter/mage Sedej created this weapon, using his magical abilities to keep the stinger capable of producing poison. The magic he used has actually made the Wyvern's Tail a living weapon that pulses with life in the hands of its wielder.