Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Thayan Circlet (EE) Code: ohnhelm1
Category: Armor (Helmet) Value: 7500
Lore Req to ID: 50 Weight: 1

Equipped Abilities:
  • +15% probability that a wild surge will have positive effect

How Obtained:
  • Vicross's Estate - Loot from Vicross

Red Wizards of Thay consider wild magic dangerous. Its practice is prohibited among their members; no wild mage is allowed within their ranks.

An ambitious young wild mage named Vicross's fear of discovery and desire to master her capricious magic were so great that she managed to conceal her status and rise through the Red Wizard hierarchy. She became an autharch for Aznar Thrul, the tharchion of Priador. In this position, she created the Order of Eight Staves, designed to study wild magic. For years, Vicross and her underlings hunted and captured wild mages across Faerun, performing a variety of tests on their prisoners, collecting and analyzing results.

Eventually Vicross concocted techniques capable of partially controlling wild surges. She was able to enchant this circlet to reduce wild surge probability -- and to minimize negative results. Fearful of her ever suspicious fellow Red Wizards, she wore it at all times, to keep her wild magic from betraying her.