Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Staff of the Woodlands +4 Code: STAF14
Category: Weapon (Quarterstaff) Value: 7000
Lore Req to ID: 75 Weight: 2

Two-Handed Weapon
THAC0: +4
Damage: 1d6+4
Damage Type: Crushing
Speed Factor: 1
Proficiency: Quarterstaff

Requires: Druid class, 5 Strength

Charged Abilities:
  • Summon 8-HD Shambling Mound
     - Range: 40 ft.
     - Duration: 100 seconds
  • Enhanced Charm Animal (Save vs. Spell at -4 negates)
     - Range: 40 ft.
     - Duration: 1 hour

Equipped Abilities:
  • Barkskin: Armor Class set to 3
  • Save vs. Death: +1
  • Save vs. Wand: +1
  • Save vs. Polymorph: +1
  • Save vs. Breath: +1

How Obtained:
  • Suldanessellar (Temple of Rillifane) - Reward for summoning Avatar of Rillifane

Known only as the "Wild Man of the Wood," the man that carried this staff was a legendary figure near Trademeet until the day he died and returned to the soil. Those who saw him remember his dark, bark-like skin, a feature that would fade if the staff were set aside. He would harass irresponsible loggers and poachers, and old-timers tell of mercenaries chasing him with a dozen hunting dogs or more. The animals seemed ready to rip the poor druid to pieces, but he quickly turned them on their former masters. Rushing forward in hopes of ending his influence, the men-at-arms saw the final power of the staff, and as the vegetation trembled with the "Wild Man's" magical calling, there formed a green, rotting mix of life and death that shambled overtop of the terrified soldiers, killing them all.