Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Shuruppak's Plate (TOB) Code: PLAT22
Category: Armor (Full Plate Mail) Value: 17500
Lore Req to ID: 85 Weight: 15

Armor Class: -2 (-6 vs. slashing, -5 vs. piercing and missile)

Requires: 12 Strength

Equipped Abilities:
  • Dexterity: +1
  • Fire Resistance: +20%

How Obtained:
  • Siege Camp - Loot from Yaga-Shura

Shuruppak, the infamous right hand of the now dead god Gilgeam, earned the title of "Reaper" for his savage butchery of any who opposed him... an identity the bloodthirsty madman eagerly embraced. Before Gilgeam's destruction, the god presented Shuruppak with an enchanted suit of armor, to better enable the Reaper to slaughter his foes.

Shuruppak's plate is surprisingly light and grants the wearer an unnatural quickness and grace. It is not known how Shuruppak lost this treasured item, but one could safely assume he is still looking for it...