Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Ring of Gaxx Code: RING39
Category: Jewelry (Ring) Value: 4000
Lore Req to ID: 80 Weight: 0

Charged Abilities:
  • Invisibility (once per day)
     - Duration: 12 hours
     - Area of Effect: The wearer
  • Improved Haste (once per day)
     - Duration: 10 seconds
     - Area of Effect: The wearer

Equipped Abilities:
  • Armor Class: +2
  • Saving Throws: +2
  • Magic Resistance: +10%
  • Regenerate 1 Hit Point every 3 seconds
  • Immunity to disease and poison

How Obtained:
  • Docks District - Loot from Kangaxx

This ring is relatively unadorned, but the vile magic within radiates intense evil. Indeed, its creator, Kangaxx, was no less evil himself, even before millennia of undeath honed his power. It is said that a cadre of Netherese mages fought and imprisoned the demilich once, but being unable to truly destroy him, they became liches themselves to stand guard over his remains. The construction of the ring may have led to their enmity, as each of the gem's nine facets was supposedly empowered by sacrifice and death.