Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Juggernaut Golem Manual (TOB) Code: TOME04
Category: Miscellaneous (Magic Item) Value: 9000
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 5

Requires: 16 Intelligence

Charged Abilities:
  • Summon Juggernaut (once per day)
     - This spell causes an iron golem to appear at the caster's side for 1 turn. The golem serves two purposes: First, it will attack any enemies it can see. Second, the golem acts as a magical shield for the wizard, absorbing all melee damage inflicted on the caster for up to 5 blows. If the caster is struck 5 times, the golem is dispelled.
     - Range: 30 ft.
     - Duration: 1 turn

How Obtained:
  • Pocket Plane - Forged for you by Cespenar the Imp for Stone Golem Manual, Juggernaut Golem Page, and 15,000 GP

With the final page of the manual restored, the full scope of the enchantments within the Manual of Golems can be unleashed. The user must have a minimum Intelligence of 16 to understand the contents of the tome.