Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Dragomir's Respite (EE) Code: ohhbag
Category: Miscellaneous (Bag) Value: 500
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 5

How Obtained:
  • Various Locations - Given by Hexxat after you add her to your party

This is a modified bag of holding that belonged to Dragomir the Warlord, a powerful vampire. In his endless military campaigns, Dragomir was frequently at the forefront of battle. Despite his vampiric abilities, he was cut down on more than one occasion. Upon reverting to a gaseous form, he would have to travel a long distance back to his camp before he could enter his coffin to regenerate. Turning to the magical arts once again, Dragomir had his coffin placed within a bag of holding and had it magically bound so that it could not be removed. Then, when he was cut down, he only had to travel a short way to a trusted knight that held the bag for him.

It was this trust, however, that ultimately resulted in him being betrayed and entombed for centuries.

The bag itself is a common cloth sack of about two feet by four feet in size. It opens into a non-dimensional space, with its inside being vastly larger than the outside. Regardless of whatever is placed into this bag, it will always have the same weight. Though a bag of holding has no atmosphere within, vampires have no need to breathe and can rest inside comfortably.