Baldur's Gate Equipment Database: Search Results
The Horn of Kazgaroth
Category: Miscellaneous (Instrument) Value: 18000
Lore Req to ID: 30 Weight: 1

Charged Abilities:
  • Immunity to 1st and 2nd-level spells
  • Armor Class: +5 vs. missile attacks
  • Save vs. Death: +2
  • Save vs. Wand: +2
  • Save vs. Polymorph: +2
  • Save vs. Breath: +2
  • Save vs. Spell: +2
  • Damage done to user: Unknown
  • Charges: 30

How Obtained:
  • High Hedge - Sold by Thalantyr

This horn is thought to be made from one of the tusks of the great beast Kazgaroth. Who imbued it with enchantments is unknown, but it is a very potent item. When blown upon, no sound issues from the horn. Instead the user of the horn is encased in a globe of power for a short duration. The bubble gives the user partial Magic Resistance and a Saving Throw bonus, as well as partially deflecting incoming missile attacks. The effect only lasts 3 rounds, and the horn draws from the life force of the user every time it is used.