Baldur's Gate Equipment Database: Search Results
Reed of Echoes (SOD)
Category: Miscellaneous (Instrument) Value: 6000
Lore Req to ID: 75 Weight: 1

Equipped Abilities:
  • Can memorize 2 extra 1st-level, 1 extra 2nd-level, and 1 extra 3rd-level wizard spell

How Obtained:
  • Coast Way Crossing - Given by Prin for completing his quest (SOD)

A Harper bard crafted this item, intending it to be a gift for Storm Silverhand. Once completed, however, its maker decided that the reed was simply too plain. He gave it instead to a fellow Harper, the bard who carried it on missions for many years. The reed has changed hands many times since, and though it still serves its original purpose -- allowing its bearer to prepare additional spells -- when played as an instrument, it emits a mournful tone no musician, however skilled, can vitiate.