Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Base Item: Gauntlet
Weight: 1 pound(s)
Resource Name: nx1_glove03
Installation: Mask of the Betrayer
Special Properties
Ability Bonus: Wisdom [+ 6]
Bonus Spell Slot of Level: Druid [Level 9]
Bonus Spell Slot of Level: Ranger [Level 4]
Bonus Spell Slot of Level: Spirit Shaman [Level 9]
Regeneration [+ 3]
Saving Throw Bonus: Universal [+ 2]
Use Limitation: Class: Druid
Use Limitation: Class: Ranger
Use Limitation: Class: Spirit Shaman
In the ancient days when the Ashenwood was young, and there were those who still called them 'green elves' - gloves like these were worn by an order of wild elven druids and rangers dedicated to protecting the forest and its inhabitants. Now little is left of the order but their memory, and replicas of their gear... and the knowledge of how the Ashenwood has grown and flourished in the ages that have followed.