Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Ring of Leeched Abjuration
Base Item: Ring
Weight: 0.1 pound(s)
Resource Name: nx1_ring10
Installation: Mask of the Betrayer
Special Properties
Decreased Ability Score: Strength [-3]
Decreased Ability Score: Dexterity [-3]
Decreased Ability Score: Constitution [-3]
Immunity: Spells by Level [Level 2 or Lower]
Immunity: Spell School: Evocation
Spell Resistance [24]
Cast Spell: Spell Mantle (13) [1 Use/Day]
Cast Spell: Globe of Invulnerability (11) [1 Use/Day]
This potent ring consumes some of its wearer's stamina to provide an impressive array of defenses from enemy magic.