Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Pristine Power Essence
Base Item: Basic Crafting Component
Weight: 0.5 pound(s)
Resource Name: nx1_cft_ess_power03
Installation: Mask of the Betrayer
Special Properties
Weight Increase [Amount: -0.5 lbs.]
This essence swirls and glows with a bright yet serene yellow light. A Pristine Power Essences can be converted into Brilliant Essences of each elemental type (Air, Earth, Fire or Water), though some value is lost in the process.

Pristine Power Essences are excellent for enchanting. To enchant an item, place it in the Enchanter's Satchel along with one or more Pristine Power Essences, then cast the appropriate spell on the item. Any item can be enchanted to hold up to three item properties total, or four if the enchanter is of epic level. Enchanting an item with a property it already has will replace the item's existing property, whether or not the new property is better than the existing one. The required caster level depends upon the number of essences you are using:

1 Pristine Essence -- Caster Level 24
2 Pristine Essences -- Caster Level 27
3 Pristine Essences -- Caster Level 30

Standard recipes are:

Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Weapons: Enhancement Bonus. Spell: Greater Magic Weapon or Greater Magic Fang
Armor: AC Bonus. Spell: Stone Skin or Magic Vestment

Craft Wondrous Item
Helmet: Will save. Spell: Owl's Wisdom
Belt: Fort save. Spell: Bear's Endurance
Boots: Reflex save. Spell: Fox's Cunning
Cloak: AC Bonus. Spell: Tortoise Shell
Gloves: AC Bonus. Spell: Mage Armor
Amulet: All saves. Spell: Superior Resistance
Rings: Bonus Wizard Spell Slot. Spell: Legend Lore