Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Map to Ebon Claw Hideout
Base Item: Miscellaneous Item
Weight: 0.5 pound(s)
Resource Name: i_maptohideout
Installation: Mysteries of Westgate
Special Properties
No Other Properties
This yellowed parchment contains a detailed illustration of the extensive sewer network beneath Westgate. Red ink encircles several points of interest to the Ebon Claws: exits to the surface, storage points for food and weapons, even weak spots in the subterranean architecture that could potentially collapse part of the city if destroyed.

The largest circle is reserved for the Ebon Claw hideout itself, which is located beneath the Harbor Loop. An old section of sewer connects to the hideout from Undergate, although the map seems to indicate that this exit has collapsed.