Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: The Infection
Given by Rorke Pherral in Temple Station (Act III)


  • Travel to Aldwych
  • Find a fresh sample
  • Recover a fresh sample
  • Report to Ser Sing

  • 980 experience (normal), 2516 experience (nightmare)
  • 320 palladium (normal), 460 palladium (nightmare)

Notable Boss Drops (Wurm)


When you talk to Rorke Pherral, he'll ask you to collect a sample from a fresh boil, and he'll tell you to look for such boils in Aldwych. He'll also give you laser sights and a sample container.

When you enter Aldwych, you'll receive a transmission from Ser Sing. She'll inform you that fresh boils emit gas, but this is a little bit misleading. Lots of boils emit gas, but you'll only find one fresh boil (probably in the final room in the zone). You'll recognize the fresh boil because it'll have the words "fresh boil" floating in white text above it.

You might also notice that Aldwych is dark. The laser sights will light the way for you, but only if you have your helmet graphics turned on (this is a multiplayer-only option). However, you don't have to use the sights. Aldwych is a small zone, and you can navigate it using the mini-map and the targeting information from your enemies, and so you can skip the sights and stick with your regular helmet if you want to.

The fresh boil can't be damaged, so don't worry about preserving it. Just kill all of the enemies in the room with it, and use the sample container to grab the sample. Then return to Temple Station and talk to Ser Sing to complete the quest.